Packaging of bulk and small-piece products

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Beautiful and durable packaging of products is a guarantee of preservation of their taste and aroma properties, as well as of long-term storage. At the same time, products can have various configurations and designs - from standard transparent film to packaging with colour printing and factory markings.

Packaging in bags has the following advantages:

  • Low specific gravity.
  • Convenience in stocking up and transportation of such containers.
  • Protection of goods from oxygen, moisture, ultraviolet rays and other environmental influences.

Features of packaging of bulk products
Product packaging is an important set of activities that require the use of special equipment that ensures accuracy and high speed of work. The packaging of bulk products has the following features:

  • provides for the use of a dispenser providing dosage by weight or volume;
  • devices are of high performance;
  • all products must have appropriate hygiene certificates;
  • a reliable packaging solution is used, characterized by high quality and ensuring product protection;
  • the equipment is easy to operate.