Thermal shrinkage

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Packaging of goods using heat-shrinkable (polyethylene or POF) film allows you to preserve the exquisite appearance of the product and ensure its reliable protection from mechanical damage and contagion effect from environment during storage and transportation.

Film packaging preserves the factory quality of the product and emphasizes its advantages. It is impossible to imagine the modern retail market without the use of shrink wrapping.

Services for packaging in shrink film in Almaty are quite common, but only a few companies accept orders for packaging small lots of products, since the selection of the appropriate type of film and thermal packaging modes is time - consuming and cost-intensive, whereby boosting the cost of services. The process of packaging products in a polyolefin sleeve is implemented on a special thermo-packing equipment, where exposed to heated air the formed bag with the packed product inside is thermally shrinked.

Previously, the operator places the item in a half-sleeve of shrink wrap and moves it to the working area of the machine. Next, a corner-welding knife is lowered and seals and cuts off the formed package.

Depending on the size of the product, specialists select the appropriate type of film and its thickness. The seam welding temperature is selected on a case-by-case basis. As a rule, the goods are in a shrink chamber or a tunnel for no more than 2 seconds and during this time they do not have time to heat up.

It is very easy to apply a self-adhesive label to products after packaging.