Promo-copacking (manipulation services)

1 kit: 5 KZT

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The integrity of products during transportation and storage depends on the quality and convenience of packaging, as well as on the level of sales of these products. This is a kind of business card of the product, because it creates the first impression of the manufacturing company. That is why it is essential to choose the best packaging option, which will take into account the characteristics of a particular product and demonstrate it from the beneficial side. Promo-co-packing in Almaty is an excellent marketing ploy; it promotes a new product and allows you to increase the volume of purchases of existing ones.


  • By using the services of our company, you can significantly save money, since you will not need to invest in the organization and maintenance of equipment for packaging and filling the goods.
  • We can offer you a modern technical infrastructure and production facilities to develop and manufacture the proper and original, individual packaging that will adequately represent your products on the market.
  • Co-packing is a great way to manoeuvre the introduction of a new product to the market, choosing the most suitable way and form for this: attaching a gift or all-new product to already popular products, or selling three articles for the price of two.