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KazBAD LLP also provides a storage service for finished products. All manufactured products and components are stored in a modern warehouse with anti-dust floors at a temperature 22 degrees C at least.

For quick placement and selection and provision of the required storage regimes, schemes for the placement of goods are developed, providing for permanent storage locations, the ability to monitor the safety and care for the goods. ⠀

When developing schemes, the frequency and volume of goods receipt and shipment, optimal packing methods, conditions of their shipment and for some types of goods - the “correct neighbourhood” are considered.

The storage organization should ensure:

  • safety of the quantity of goods, their consumer qualities and the performance of the required loading and unloading operations;
  • conditions for inspection and measurement of goods, sampling of goods
  • repairing damaged packaging by the relevant regulatory authorities,
  • loading and unloading operations,

Ensuring the safety of the properties of goods is achieved by creating an appropriate hydrothermal regime for storing goods, a convenient system for stacking and placing them, organizing constant monitoring during storage.