Our mission is to facilitate the introduction of new products of food, cosmetics and dietary supplements for Kazakhstani entrepreneurs. That in the future will lead to an increase in the share of small and medium-sized businesses and finished products under the brand "Made in Kazakhstan" and as a consequence, will help boost the economy of the country, increase import substitution, improve the quality and image of Kazakhstan products and subsequently enter the world markets. New jobs will be created due to the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. Entrepreneurs will find it easier to enter the domestic market with a unique product since we do not adhere to the MOQ (minimum quantity to order) policy, so you can release your product in the required quantity. We are the most flexible company, so you can rely on us.

We are constantly working to improve the quality of our products by obtaining voluntary certification (FDA, GMP). By implementing the kaizen and Kanban card system we improve the quality of our work. Continuously improving our work we do not stand still, so the management and employees undergo specialized training and refresher courses regularly. Every year we conduct an audit of our work for quality consistency. This is very important to us to keep the product at the highest level. Dynamic development through the Quality Circle is the key to success. The Quality Circle (Quality Circle) is a group of production employees who meet regularly voluntarily to identify problems affecting production efficiency and product quality and to prepare suggestions for correcting them.

Our vision

KAZBAD LLP is a contract manufacturer in all regions of Kazakhstan. In many areas, including pharmaceuticals. We intend to produce medicines in the future. To set up textile production, and printing in the next 5 years. Expansion of the area of our work is a key task for us. At the moment there are a lot of entrepreneurs who want to start a business in many areas, but the number of contract manufacturing facilities that can meet the desires of the customer is not so much. At the moment we have a plant with more than 1,000 square meters in the city of Kaskelen. We are completing the construction of a second plant in the village of Amity. We plan to open production facilities in all regions of Kazakhstan. We plan to open representative offices in the United States and Russia. Our plans for the next 10 years are to supply the army of Kazakhstan.

Our goals are.

  1. Pricing. We plan to keep our product prices down in the future, and we will also try to minimize human labour when purchasing new equipment to reduce the price of our services and increase demand, which will lead to the development of the company in the future.
  2. Quality. We plan to buy additional laboratory equipment to increase our production capacity. We plan to send employees for advanced training. We also plan to support quality improvement through voluntary certification from HALAL Kazakhstan, ISO 9001, ECO, HACCP, and GMP.
  3. Labor protection. As a supportive part of our work protection policy, we provide ongoing training on fire safety and hygiene compliance for employees. We support RK labour laws and our hiring policy will be a continuous meritocracy, i.e. we will recruit those people who are worthy of the job regardless of their gender, political views, or religious beliefs.
  4. the range of packaging material. We are constantly monitoring the packaging material so that it would be more convenient for a client to order everything from us. We work for the benefit of businessmen because our suppliers have MOQ, that's why we buy a large number of goods and then sell by the piece to the customer.
  5. Partnerships. We plan to establish a partnership with KazNMU named after Asfendiyarov, to develop products for the customer, taking into account all requirements. At the moment we have a connection with a large American manufacturer of Alfavitamins, which is our direct supplier. Also, we have direct contracts with Virogalife, a supplier from India. Our company is ready for mutually beneficial cooperation with domestic and foreign manufacturers!