What do we do

KazBAD LLP is engaged in contract manufacturing in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Our services include blistering, foiling, encapsulation, mixing dry products, packing capsules into jars, kitting, promo-packing, labelling, packaging of liquid and pasty products, vacuum packaging, sticking, packaging in sachet bags, packaging of loose and small goods, packaging in cartons, shrink wrapping, and storage.

Advantages of contract manufacturing for the customer.

Reduced costs and capital investment in production If you outsource the manufacturing of goods you will not need to invest in equipment, buy materials, raw materials, components, or hire staff. If we are talking about the production of a foreign brand in Kazakhstan, the customer also saves on customs and logistics costs.

Opportunity to concentrate efforts on marketing and advertising of products Placing an order for contract manufacturing frees you additional funds and time for the promotion of your brands, improvement of your sales system and development of novelties.

- Quicker time to market

Contract manufacturing helps you to launch your product quickly. Statistically, it can take several months or even years to organize a well-organized production process by ourselves. In addition, we are interested in fast and high-quality order fulfilment. In addition, the fast startup helps us evaluate the relevance of your idea.

- Prompt feedback from the end consumer.

The rapid time-to-market enables you to test the interest in your product with a sample batch, consider any imperfections and make necessary changes to the main order.

- Incentive for Innovation

The company can devote more time to new developments and improve product features.

More than 13 years of experience in contract manufacturing allows us to create products in a short time, taking into account all customer wishes. When developing a new product we cooperate with KazNMU named after Asfendiyarov. The goods of our production pass all strict quality standards. We undergo annual certification from ECO, HACCP, HALAL, ISO22000 and ISO9001 and GMP.

You can fully rely on us for production. The production shop is located in the city of Kaskelen and has an area of more than 1000 sq.m. Our work cycle starts from formulation to logistics. If you need to develop a product composition from scratch, our in-house technologists are there to help. We source our raw materials from international suppliers in the USA, India, Malaysia, and Singapore. The packaging of your product at our factory can optimize your cost of sales because we have a wide variety of packaging available.

Situations in which we can help you:

  • Documents. We have a service to help you get a declaration of conformity (for food) and obtain a certificate of state registration (for dietary supplements). In the case of export, we can provide the client with veterinary support.
  • lack of raw materials. We can provide a choice of raw materials and packing materials. We check the text of packaging by labelling regulations, as well as compliance with the law on languages of the Republic of Kazakhstan. All you need from the customer is funds and an idea of the product, the rest is up to us. We cooperate with printing companies because we do not have our equipment.
  • Production outsourcing. If you are a large producer who does not have enough of his production facilities or staff to carry out promotions and other manipulations, we can give our hands, and equipment and help to adjust the production process. Our customers will not have to think about the delivery of employees, lunches, and responsibility in case of production injuries.

Benefits of outsourcing:

  1. The increased volume of products produced
  2. increased productivity
  3. lower costs for hiring permanent employees
  4. completion of urgent projects on time
  5. getting the agreed result by 100%
  • Processing of raw materials. If you have a farm that grows a special variety of mushrooms or berries, we will help by providing documents for sale. Our production facility has a service for the sublimation of products. We can also prepare raw materials for export. If you need to mix raw materials with other products, we have a V-mixer designed for mixing dry powders and granules. For example, we can pack the product in a sachet of different sizes and materials, pack it in a carton pack and seal it in heat shrink.
  • Product packaging. Packaging for drugs has some of the most stringent requirements. This is due to the high sensitivity of most medicines to unfavorable conditions (heat, cold, moisture), which badly affects the further operation of the product.

We produce 3 types of packaging:

  • KazBAD soft packaging is usually made of either plastic (intended for storage of pellets, capsules and powdered drugs) or paper (used for pills, tablets, and herbal remedies). This is the easiest and cheapest method of packaging, allowing you to effectively protect the contents from direct sunlight, moisture, etc.
  • KazBAD semi-rigid packaging is made of stronger cardboard or in the form of blisters. In the first case, it is used for making boxes for bottles or plastic jars with medications, and in the second case - suitable for capsules and regular pills. The most common version of drug packaging.
  • KazBAD rigid packaging is the most expensive type of packaging because it involves the use of metal, polymers and glass. Suitable for large-volume packaging of drugs, liquids, ointments and other.