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  • The strategy of our company KazBad LLP is to make the MOQ as small as possible, since it is very difficult for novice
    entrepreneurs to order large volumes. This is due to the fact that at the first stage there are a lot of costs for
    registration, administrative costs and promotion of products.
    For our services MOQ is from 5000 tenge. But for consumables (raw materials, cans, boxes, stickers, etc.), which we do not
    have in stock, suppliers have their own MOQ.
    Consider a case:
    The client's task is to pack the capsules in blue jars with the addition of a premix of vitamins. The KazBAD LLP company
    requests the availability of cans from the supplier. It may be that the can manufacturer sets a one-time order of
    20,000 pieces. This is due to the fact that for the production of these cans it is necessary to purchase
    polypropylene and a dye in a minimum volume of 1 bag (50 kg), since this is factory packaging and they do not
    release a smaller amount to the manufacturer of cans.
    Premix manufacturers may also say that they currently have a minimum batch to make the extract. This is due to the fact that
    the position is not in stock and you need to make raw materials to order. And in order to remove the extract,
    they need to purchase a minimum batch of plant components and chemical elements of at least 200 kg, from
    which 20 kg of extract is obtained at the output.
    Also, the printing house, when invoicing, is guided by the types of printing: for small runs - digital and Indigo, for large runs -
    flexo printing. Because of this, a batch of packages of 1000 pcs and 5000 pcs may differ in price. For example:
    1000 pcs can cost 200 tenge per unit, and 5000 pcs can cost 30 tenge per unit.
    The conclusion of the case is that the MOQ for the customer will be 20,000 cans and 20kg premix.
    KazBAD LLP tries to have a wide range of packaging material in warehouses in order to release jars with a circulation of 100
    pcs, while we buy 20,000 pcs from the manufacturer.
    We can optimize the composition of the product and select it so that the minimum batch for the launch of raw materials is
    from 1 kg.
    We also have partnerships with many printing houses and suppliers who have discounts for us and our
    customers, thus we try to facilitate the entry of new products to the market with minimal financial
    investment and in the shortest possible time.