1 blister No. 10 size No. 1: 50 KZT

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Blistering Almaty

Blister pack in Almaty is a type of plastic package that is used for small and light products. A blister is a case made of a transparent plastic film (thermoplastic polymer) molded according to the size and shape of the object being packaged, and a rigid printing substrate. The substrate is made of metal foil.
A blister pack is used for dose units of a medicinal product, such as biologically active dietary supplements. One blister contains 10 capsules in peculiar pockets. There can be from 1 to 5 such blisters in one package, depending on the medicinal product.

Advantages of blister pack: ⠀ ⠀

  • blister pack perfectly protects the goods from mechanical damage and shock
  • protection against moisture
  • plastic blister pack for medicines is made of safe films of sufficient thickness and reinforced hardness
  • ease of use
  • long term of use

KazBAD LLP provides blistering services for biologically active dietary supplements. Our company is ready to help you if you have a desire to produce your own product without your own production.

Our specialization profile is contract manufacturing of BAD Kazakhstan and food products in Almaty. We provide high-quality contract manufacturing in Almaty and throughout Kazakhstan.