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The world that surrounds us is inhabited with an incredible amount of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Their vital activity can greatly harm the human body.

Sterilization is the complete destruction of all microorganisms and bacteria that can be located both on the surface and inside the sterilized object.
When carrying out sterilization in Almaty, we use the most popular and widespread method of elimination: sterilization of objects with hot air (dry heat).
Hot dry air is capable of having an effective virucidal, bactericidal and sporicidal effect.

Disinfection in a dry oven is one of the methods of general medical sterilization. Under the influence of a hot temperature, 100% death of all bacterial cells, types of fungi and viruses occurs. Death occurs as a result of the combustion of these cells and spores or coagulation of protein compounds.
KazBAD LLP carries out sterilization of metal and glass products in Almaty.

  • Products sterilized in paper can be stored for 3 days;
  • Products sterilized without paper should be used immediately after sterilization.