Packaging (filling) of liquid and pasty products

1 jar: 20 KZT

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Packing of liquid products in Almaty is not only dispensing and filling, but a complex process that modifies subject to the properties of the packaged products, the type of container, the required performance and other factors.

How does it work?

This process begins with depalletizing or removing from the boxes the containers arriving at the enterprises and supplying them to the receiving conveyor, then rinsing new containers or washing returnable containers, inspecting jars, dispensing, filling, sealing and labelling, grouping and inserting the multiple packaging into transport containers.

Equipment for these operations is built into the flow complex-mechanized and automated technological lines.
KazBAD LLP provides services for contract manufacturing of cosmetics in Almaty. Namely: fractional filling of liquids, creams, gels, pasty products and household chemicals in plastic, glass and metal tubes (jars) with a volume of 10 ml to 500 ml.