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Sticking is one of the most important stages of pre-sale preparation of a product, after which it can already go to the retail network. Stickering of products in Almaty is a necessary, legally enshrined procedure in preparation for the sale of products in retail chains.
This process not only facilitates further sorting and processing of goods in the warehouse, but also subsequently provides the consumer with the required information, increasing the consumer properties and competitive advantages of your products.

There are two ways of modern stickering:

  • automated;
  • manual.

Mainly, the application of adhesive labels and stickers to the surface of the goods is carried out using special machines, but in some cases, hand labour is used to achieve a better result.

It is profitable to entrust the packing and sticking to KazBAD LLP, because the cost of a unit of goods is 3 KZT and up. In addition, ordering a complex of warehouse services from one contractor will allow you to save a substantial sum of money.
According to your order, the package can be sticked with labels of various types by applying information as you wish. ⠀ ⠀
According to the reviews of our clients, including private entrepreneurs and organizations, the stickering of goods in the warehouse is very convenient and saves time and human capital.