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Encapsulation is the encapsulation of small amounts of a substance or materials in a shell to obtain capsules that have the desired properties. Made from beef raw materials, hard gelatine capsules have a number of advantages:

  • Halal gelatine capsule masks the unpleasant smell and taste of medicines,
  • It protects main substances from external influences,
  • It provides ease of intake and accurately dosing of active ingredients,
  • It is absorbed one and a half times faster than the pharmaceutical form of tablets.


  • vegetable raw materials of fine dispersion grinding;
  • dry plant extracts;
  • various powdered fillers.

KazBAD LLP provides the encapsulation services for extracts, vitamins, minerals, and other powder-like fillers in a hard gelatine capsule. Contract manufacturing of medicinal products in Almaty is our specialization.

At the request of the customer, as required by subsequent packaging in a PVC blister or in a plastic vial, the company provides assistance in the selection of the size and colour of the capsules.

There are a number of advantages why encapsulation is worth to be ordered with us:

  • extremely accurate dosage of active ingredients of biologically active dietary supplement
  • lack of unpleasant odours and taste of the ingredients that make up the capsules
  • reliable protection of nutrients from the harmful effects of the external environment
  • aesthetic appearance of products
  • ease of use and high bioavailability.

NEW! Our company has new gastro-resistant capsules. Read here!

You may buy, order encapsulation in Almaty at an affordable price on our website: kazbad.kz or order by phone. Please call us!



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